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About Company

Main Office: 2 Selkirk Avenue, Aylesbury, England, HP19 9QD.

Company №13443611. To download certificate click here

BotTraders is a new automated service that allows you to activate an almost unlimited number of trading bots at the same time, this number is limited only by the number of trading pairs on the exchange.

Our service supports 6 trading and arbitrage algorithms with minimal risks, which are automatically trained in the process. We guarantee a regular level of income almost every day due to the fact that we simultaneously use 25 large exchanges at once, finding conditions for profitable transactions.

Supported exchanges: Bittrex; Poloniex; Bitfinex; Binance; KuCoin; Bitmex; Huobi; Cryptopia; Gdax; Bit Z; Kraken, OKEx, etc.

Only professional services such as BotTraders can guarantee a decent result.

You should remember about the share of risk, and approach the choice of a personal trading bot carefully.

About the advantages BotTraders service

Our mission is to make trading on the stock exchange as simple and clear as possible and helps to trade on the stock exchange without having any experience.

You no longer need to track stock ratings and charts. Mind your own business, you just need to choose the bot you like, which will automatically bring guaranteed income from transactions.

The virtual assistant can coolly calculate any situation and find the most optimal solution.

BotTraders is a full-fledged working platform that works according to a given scheme. Analyzing the state of the market, you can make timely changes to the parameters and change the rapidly changing situation for the better.